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Web Design Penarth, Cardiff and the South Wales Area

Instead of using an "out of the box" theme, which looks the same as any other website, my goal is to deliver bespoke websites at an affordable price. I specialize in responsive web design, database driven websites and SEO. What is SEO? In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ensuring that your website appears on the first page of Google and other search engines. Many websites built today are focusing too much on the design and forgetting about SEO, which is silly as what is the point of having a great design that no one will see?

Responsive Websites - Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile

The vast majority of people now own a smart phone or tablet device where the goal is to access the internet or download apps. Responsive Web Design is where the website will respond to the users behaviour and environment based upon screen size, platform and orientation. The main disadvantage of a non-responsive website is poor user experience, which will result in a high bounce and exit rate from the website. Every website that I create is fully responsive and I refuse to build one that is not!

First Page of Google Please

Web Design companies that say they will get you to the top of Google within days are lying. Search Engine Optimization isnt an overnight fix and requires work from both a technical and non-technical side. What is the technical part of SEO? The list is never ending, but in short; Correct Code, HTML & URL Structure, Making Use of Google's Tools and Schemas and much more. What is the non-technical part of SEO? Content, content and more content. A website without any content will not be loved by Google. Other points to include are your Social Media presence and willingness to add content to the website every month or so.

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